Garden lighting – so simple and yet smart


As you snuggle up in bed for the night you remember that you have left the lights on in the living room. On your way downstairs, you realise that the Christmas lights are still on in the garden ….

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With NEXENTRO’s switch actuator or dimming actuator, you no longer need to go to such lengths. It doesn’t matter where your lamps or light sources are located. You can easily control them from anywhere by using your smartphone app.

Level Up your sockets!

By simply installing the NEXENTRO switch actuator behind your socket, every plugged-in device then becomes smart – from radiant heaters to lamps or even pond pumps. Our switching actuator brings your socket into the smart home and enables you to control and network various devices fully automatically and to operate them conveniently using an app.

Zigbee Switching Actuator


Wireless switch actuator for controlling electrical loads such as lights, sockets, fans, pumps and much more besides

3.5/5 - 173 Ratings

Zigbee Dimming Actuator


Wireless universal dimming actuator for dimming lights, e.g. LED lights, high-voltage and low-voltage halogen lamps

3.5/5 - 173 Ratings

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