Make your drives smart


Easily retrofit your blinds, roller shutters, garage door or terrace canopy for more flexibility.

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Easily retrofit your blinds for more flexibility

Are you already the proud owner of electric shutters or blinds, but would like to integrate them into your Smart Home? No problem – the NEXENTRO blind actuator is simple to install. This can be done behind your existing blind push-button or directly fitted to the drive in the wall where your drives can be immediately controlled by voice or via app.

Control your electronic blinds by voice or via app

Just imagine for one moment that a simple “good morning” command is all that you need to raise your shutters all once. You will probably think “that won’t work with my shutters”.

Not a problem for NEXENTRO. Once installed behind your switch, the blind actuator takes over control and as if by magic enables the raising and lowering of your shutters either by voice or via app. You can address your shutters individually, have them all move together, or even integrate them into an already programmed setting. Don’t worry, you can still use your shutter pushbutton or switch to operate them manually as usual.

Our install and forget principle

A standard screwdriver is all that is required to install NEXENTRO. With no costly adjustments involved, NEXENTRO is just ideal for tenants or homeowners. Once in place, NEXENTRO functions like an invisible assistant, hidden and installed within the wall. NEXENTRO doesn’t need additional hardware and will continue to work for years afterwards without any annoying battery changes. No Wifi is required and not only do we guarantee for 100% reliability, but we also provide for free updates to keep your home fully up to date.
NEXENTRO fits into all standard flush-mounted or cavity wall appliance boxes and is easily installed behind the switch or the socket.

Zigbee Blinds Actuator


Blinds actuator for control of electrical blinds, shutters or awning in a Zigbee 3.0 system. The device provides two inputs for connecting blind switches or blind push-buttons

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