Your sun protection –

completely automatic


Even though you are looking forward to those many hours of summer sunshine, those high temperatures can still be uncomfortable. Strong sunlight can quickly heat up your home which can be a strain on yourself, your furniture and also for your plants. With the help of NEXENTRO’s blind actuator, you can control your awnings, roller shutters and your exterior blinds automatically and ensure for comfortable indoor temperatures.

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The sun or the shade – the choice is yours!

The NEXENTRO blind actuator enables you to have full control over your terrace. It allows for the smart operation of your awnings and the exterior blinds to significantly increase your comfort factor. So it’s up to you on how much sun you wish to let in. And should rain? Then you can also control your awnings even from the other side of the world via app.

Zigbee blind actuator

The blind actuator offers you options and the unprecedented control of your electronic awnings and exterior blinds! You can either control them conveniently via the app or set up complete routines that are activated at the touch of a button. Do you enjoy a coffee on the terrace in the morning before you go off to work? Then let your awnings unfold to offer you the privacy from those above you.

An hour after you have left the house, your exterior blinds rise automatically to allow your plants to get the sunlight that they need. And on your way home, you simply unfold your awnings again to let your terrace cool down. It’s nice to know that you have control of your awnings at all times of the day, no matter what kind of weather, be it rain, wind or sun.

Your mobile phone is not close at hand right now?

No problem. You can also control your Smart Home using your switches! The invisibly installed push-button interface not only retains the design of your switches, but also equips them with a variety of new functions. Various scenes can be activated at the touch of a button, making your daily routine that much easier.

Zigbee Blinds Actuator


Blinds actuator for control of electrical blinds, shutters or awning in a Zigbee 3.0 system. The device provides two inputs for connecting blind switches or blind push-buttons

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