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Whether it’s a wedding day, the first date or you just want to party – the right choice of lighting colour is crucial for the perfect setting.

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Network your favourite lights

The advantage of smart LED lamps is that not only can they be controlled in terms of brightness, but often in terms of their light colour. However, this function is normally only accessible when using an app – your “simple” wall switch will just switch your smart lamps on and off. To make matters worse, once switched on or off at the wall, you are no longer able to connect your smart LED lamp with the Smart Home system. This is where the NEXENTRO pushbutton interface comes into play, by simply adding smart functions to any standard switch.

Our pushbutton interface is just the cinch!

Simply install the small module behind your light switch to have a field of customised options at your disposal. You can alternate between different colours and brightness levels within seconds. No matter what you have planned for the evening, with NEXENTRO you will find the right setting for every occasion.

NEXENTRO not only controls your wireless lamps, but can thanks to the Dimming Actuator also adapt your favourite luminaire or even classic lamps. And with the Switching Actuator you will also turn your sockets to be Smart Home compatible.

So with NEXENTRO you have a choice between different variants which will cover your application scenarios perfectly.

Your Hue lights have constant access

Your entire apartment has just been fitted with a Philips Hue system and you now want to control your rooms using an app?

And don’t we all want things in everyday life to function simply and without hitches? You can of course place your Hue remote next to your old light switch but let’s be honest, this doesn’t really look good. There is also the problem of getting your family and yourself to kick the habit of switching on a switch every time you enter a room. When this happens, your Hue lights lose power.
With NEXENTRO installed behind your main light switches, this is no longer a problem. Simply press a switch in any room to send a command to your Philips Hue system.
What’s more, your favourite lamp is also in your Philips Hue network thanks to the NEXENTRO dimming actuator.

Network your floor lamps.

With NEXENTRO, not only can you retrofit your lights and blinds to make them “smart”.  What is clever about the switching actuator is that you can use it to basically network any electronic appliance at home – be it the coffee machine, fans or even your floor lamp plugged in at the mains – there is simply no limit to your ideas. How do we do this you may ask? We don’t actually convert your appliance to be smart but the switch or the socket that turns the respective appliance on or off.

Our install and forget principle

A standard screwdriver is all that is required to install NEXENTRO. With no costly adjustments involved, NEXENTRO is just ideal for tenants or homeowners. Once in place, NEXENTRO functions like an invisible assistant, hidden and installed within the wall. NEXENTRO doesn’t need additional hardware and will continue to work for years afterwards without any annoying battery changes. No Wifi is required and not only do we guarantee for 100% reliability, but we also provide for free updates to keep your home fully up to date.
NEXENTRO fits into all standard flush-mounted or cavity wall appliance boxes and is easily installed behind the switch or the socket.

Zigbee Pushbutton Interface


Push-button interface for the wireless operation of Zigbee-compliant devices, e.g. lamps, luminaires, adapter plugs, dimming actuators, blind actuators

3.5/5 - 173 Ratings

Zigbee Dimming Actuator


Wireless universal dimming actuator for dimming lights, e.g. LED lights, high-voltage and low-voltage halogen lamps

3.5/5 - 173 Ratings

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