Your smart pond pump


With a wonderful view of the water and the sweet scent of the flowers – your pond is really a highlight in summer. With the NEXENTRO switching actuator, you can turn this little paradise to be even more appealing. The module allows you to control all electronic appliances which will enhance your pond.

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You determine when the pump switches on in the morning and turns off in the evening. You can also set the garden lighting to illuminate the pond when it gets dark. Whether you wish a party atmosphere or a romantic setting – NEXENTRO ensures that there are simply no limits to your imagination.

Provides for crystal-clear pool water

It’s the middle of summer, it’s hot and you’re sweating. So, off to the swimming pool to cool off! Unfortunately the water has become discoloured or algae has started to grow in the corners or there is a strong smell of chlorine? This wouldn’t be a problem with the NEXENTRO switch actuator. It controls your pool pump and ensures that your pool stays clean. Simply programme the pump to run several times a day, even if you are out of the house.

Green water, limescale and algae – your fountain could do with some cleaning? Don’t let it get this far! Simply install the NEXENTRO switch actuator behind a socket in your garden and then connect the water pump. This way, you can easily switch the appliance on or off using Alexa or your smartphone app. You can also ensure that the pump runs regularly and that the water in the well is always clean – regardless of whether you are on holiday or at home.

Blinds, shutters or garage doors ... it doesn’t matter

With the help of the NEXENTRO blind actuator, they can all be controlled automatically and integrated into existing switching scenarios. You want your roller shutters to rise with the sun or to lower automatically as night falls? With the NEXENTRO blind actuator, you can create sequences to simplify your daily routine and provide for more comfort and security.

Zigbee Switching Actuator


Wireless switch actuator for controlling electrical loads such as lights, sockets, fans, pumps and much more besides

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