Alexa, turn on the lights!


The voice command is an extremely practical means – as long as your lighting understands it. This is of course not a problem for smart lighting appliances such as Philips Hue & Co. On the other hand, if they are not installed in all of your luminaires, your commands can quickly turn into a joke. With NEXENTRO this problem is eliminated: intelligent modules breathe a new lease of life into your lighting to make simple lamps fit for smart voice commands.

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Dim or switch – the choice is yours


With our NEXENTRO modules, any luminaire can be made smart. Simply installed behind the light switch or your floor lamp’s socket, these intelligent devices immediately take over the control of your lighting to integrate it completely into your Smart Home. You can now choose how the connected luminaires are to be controlled. Whereas the switch actuator is compatible with practically any type of lamp by simply switching it on and off, the dimming actuator allows for a continuous brightness adjustment for dimmable lamps.

Planning your next Champions League evening with friends? Why not create the perfect atmosphere with NEXENTRO. As your guests arrive, just say “Alexa, I want to watch TV”. As the blinds in the living room are being lowered and you are making yourself comfortable on the couch, Alexa turns off the ceiling lights and turns on the ambient lighting behind the TV. In this way, you can transform your simple living room into your own virtual stadium in seconds.

Blinds, shutters or garage doors ... it doesn’t matter

With the help of the NEXENTRO blind actuator, they can all be controlled automatically and integrated into existing switching scenarios. You want your roller shutters to rise with the sun or to lower automatically as night falls? With the NEXENTRO blind actuator, you can create sequences to simplify your daily routine and provide for more comfort and security.

Zigbee Dimming Actuator


Wireless universal dimming actuator for dimming lights, e.g. LED lights, high-voltage and low-voltage halogen lamps

3.5/5 - 173 Ratings

Zigbee Switching Actuator


Wireless switch actuator for controlling electrical loads such as lights, sockets, fans, pumps and much more besides

3.5/5 - 173 Ratings

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