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Hello Dear Customer!
We are pleased to introduce our new OEM product brand




Smart Living

Those special everyday and yet unexpected moments where technology can evoke a true sense of enthusiasm, are those which drive us forward with a due passion. With intelligent solutions we make technology really smart and thus create more comfort, more safety and more quality of life.

Developed to inspire

Zigbee 3.0

Intelligent connected

In using Zigbee 3.0 we are fully up to date with the latest standard. Zigbee 3.0 offers an energy efficient communications protocol where different brands can blend and are thus compatible with each other. In by doing so, our technology solutions can smoothly dock on to conventional systems without any hitches. The wireless connection enables the appliances to communicate with one another and at the same time allows for a low power consumption. Thanks to its quick installation and along with the Zigbee Standard radio appliances, this makes it to be one of the simplest solutions for the intelligent management of smart living. If so required, our products also support Bluetooth.

White Labeling

Quick and easy to implement

Expand your portfolio with one of our existing OEM products or with an individually developed technological solution.

On request, we will label the product, the packaging, the app and accompanying documents with your brand name. And we will take care of product support for you, making the whole process simple, fast and easy.

Application areas

Unforgettable moments

Whether demand-controlled lighting management, sun protection systems that react to current environmental conditions or the automation of electrical devices – intelligent technology solutions are providing and unprecedented improvement in our quality of life. Right there where we live and work, intelligent solutions give us more comfort, safety and energy efficiency than ever before. Smart Living is becoming a lifestyle concept that uses modern technological achievements to create a better living space that is optimally adapted to people’s needs.


Simply set the mood!

When you have perfect lighting, everything becomes easier. Whether it’s effective lighting for buildings and commercial premises, changing colour temperatures of lighting in the morning and evening or automated lighting management – the right light gives you a higher quality of life and creates a space that people feel comfortable in.


Simply optimal!

Automatic blinds and shutters turn buildings into pleasant places to work and live. They provide cool shade in summer and protect the building from cold, icey winds winter. The intelligent control of the building’s sun protection system adjusts itself automatically to the conditions outside to create the ideal indoor climate the whole day through.

Sun protection

Simply pleasant!

Awnings protect the outside of the building from sun, rain and cold. The intelligent control of the sun protection system ensures that the awning is always in the optimum position at the right time. This turns the terrace into an oasis where people enjoy spending their time.


Simply helpful!

Experience the maximum in comfort when it comes to operating electrical devices. The intelligent control system turns coffee machines, fans and floor lamps into smart helpers that make life so much easier.


Our powerful portfolio

Being a strong OEM partner, we develop and produce those simple and sophisticated electronic solutions that meet your needs. This means that we help your products to slip easily into the world of smart living.


Easy to install!

Our solutions can be easily integrated into existing technology, turning every home into a smart home without any need for new lights, blinds, awnings or other electrical household devices .

Our Zigbee modules are installed in the flush-mounted pattress, behind the existing control point or in the lights or suspended ceiling, so that they are invisible. Easy to configure and operate via our app, the moduls remain always ready for apps, voice control or manually used via switches. The actuators quickly become an important, yet invisible, part of your smart home.

Individual solutions

Your requirements – perfectly implemented

Being a strong OEM partner, we develop and produce those simple and sophisticated electronic solutions that meet your needs. This means that we help your products to slip easily into the world of smart living.


Consulting during idea development and provision of know-how


Flexibility through two-stage concept phase and cost management


Development of individual solutions using agile methods or V-model


LEAN production and intelligent testing technology


Logistic services provided by a qualified network of suppliers


End-of-life concepts, repair and spare parts supply